Barcode Size Specifications (EAN-13 and UPC-A)

Barcode Bird supplies all images at GS1 standard size SC2 100% magnification (25.93mm x 37.29mm). In general, barcode retailers and GS1 do not recommend reducing the image size below 80% of the SC2 size. Barcode Bird can provide you with codes at a reduced size down to SC0 or 21.25mm x 30.51mm that are guaranteed to scan. We know of instances where our customers have printed their codes smaller with scanning success however generally speaking this can lead to scanning issues, particularly issues where the scanner may take a few tries to successfully read the barcode. If you choose to reduce your image below this we do not guarantee scanning success. When printing the barcodes or product packaging (with barcode included) we recommend that you stay within the 80%-200% magnification range specified by GS1 if your product packaging can accommodate it.

NOTE: A barcode verification report may be required by large retailers that you may intend to stock. Any barcode reduced below the recommended minimum of 80% mentioned above WILL NOT pass this verification report even if you have run successful scanning tests. Please get in touch with our team at to discuss any specific size requirements you may have. We are very happy to help arrange a barcode that is suitable for your product.