Opening the .zip file folder

After competing checkout we automatically send your barcode package to your email in a .zip file folder.  This file folder contains your barcode list, high resolution images along with your certificate of GTIN assignment and OCRB font.  Please refer to the below instructions to extract and open the .zip file folder.

Step 1. In the purchase receipt email find the attached .zip file and download it to your PC or Mac.

Step 2. Locate the .zip file folder on your device named “Barcode” or similar.  For Windows PC this is commonly located in “My Downloads”.  For Mac (Apple) this is commonly located in “Downloads”.

Step 3. For Windows PC right click on the .zip folder and select “Extract Here” or “Extract All”. For Mac users you can simply double click the .zip file folder as it appears in the purchase receipt email.

Further detailed instructions for unzipping files on Windows or Mac – 

Windows PC:
Apple MAC:

Once the folder has been extracted all of the contents are fully accessible e.g. 10-Barcode-Numbers -> EAN-13 -> .JPEG for the .JPEG images or 10-Barcode-Numbers -> EAN-13 -> .EPS for the .EPS images.

To correctly show the OCBR font in photo editing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photshop etc you will need to install it on your computer.

Windows PC:

Apple Mac: